Year End Spending Grand Bonus – Dec 23 to 31


End 2021 with a shopping spree and get FREE bonus items!

Year End Spending Grand Bonus Get a great end-of-year profit, just spend 30,000 Cash in-game, get free items in stages. Unlimited loops, every step at 1/3/5, win great prizes until 31 December.

Spend at least 30,000 Cash in-game and get FREE items until December 31, 2021. The more you spend, the more you win!

Promotion period: 23 – 31 December 2021 at 11:59 PM.

Period of receiving Item Code: until January 5, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

Period of using Item Code: until January 5, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

Promotion details:

  1. Spending Cash in the game MU Online , every 100 Cash will receive 1 point, using 300 points to get items from the system of 1 step activities, will receive items that Of course, every time and for every 300 points, you will receive a new item until 5 times, and then come back to the 1st item again. You can get the item repeatedly as many times as you want. Unlimited. time (Points will be updated every noon next day)

*Every stage 1 / 3 and 5 have a chance to win a grand prize. Stay tuned for more details in the promotion.

* For raffle reward, each account only eligible once at highest reward

*Only the item code level 1 / 3 and 5 must be filled in to get a chance to win. (If the event code is not filled, it will be considered a forfeit.)

*The prize will be separated from the amount of Titan and Thailand item code replenishment and the result will be announced within 14 working days after the end of the event.

  1. Do not count the top-up amount generated from purchases in Black Market and Gachapon.
  2. 1 ID can redeem item codes from this promotion unlimited times.
  3. 1 ID can use item codes. from this promotion is unlimited times. and item code binding ID
  4. Item code can only be used with MU game and can be refilled with item-code system of Server Thailand only
  5. Every time there is a purchase and top-up, please keep the code you can get them at all times to prevent the problem until after the award of the
  6. when filling item Code and items in the cash Shop Storage for a period of 1 year

8 team reserves the right to. Change the conditions of the event details without prior notice

  1. There must be a character in the game before filling the item code, otherwise it will not receive any items, and before receiving the item, please check the empty space in the character’s inventory first. press get item Otherwise, the item may not be received.
  2. Various items in Black Market/Gachapon/Promotion and/or Item Mall within the game are calculated in case of weekly server maintenance. is completed Therefore, there is no compensation for additional days in such cases. 


:Rewards received from the promotion when filling the item code:

step Items that can be obtained
Step 1:  [Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) x5
Step 2:  Jewel of Bless x5
Step 3: [Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) x10
Step 4:  Elite Guardian Upgrade Stone x1
Step 5:  Premium Vault Key x1
Complete this item code. To be eligible to join Premium Vault
– You can claim this item from Storage after being eligible. It will be received as [Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) according to the number of Keys obtained without having to wait to be deleted from the system.
More details Premium Vault:

More details Premium Vault:

:Win a big prize when filling the item code received from the promotion at each stage as follows:
*If not filling the item code will be considered a waiver*

step Items that can be obtained
Step 1:  The right to randomly receive Premium Vault x5,
2 prizes per server.
Step 3: Choose 1
– Luck Right to 1 item that can be attached
– +13 Hit Right to 1 item that can be hit (except Pentagram)
Number of Servers is 2 prizes
Step 5:  Choose 1
– Choose Wings C4 +0 +Luck Choose 2 Op/ Op Stage 2 1 piece
– Pick a Excellent Holyangel Weapon 3op +11 +Luck 1 piece,
2 prizes per server.