Top-Up Guide


How to Top-Up


Here’s the step by step guide on how to top up on your MU accounts. Before you can top up, you will need to buy PlayPark Load. To do that, click this Link.

When you successfully buy PlayPark Load, you will get a Card Serial Number and Card Password sent via SMS or email (depending on where/how you bought the PlayPark Load). Please keep this with you because you will need it!

Topping up your MU account is easy! Just follow these steps:


Step 1. Go to PlayMall Website, then Choose how you want to log in: Play ID Login, Facebook Login, Google ID Login.


Note: These 3 Login types are different. You MUST use the same login account you used to top up. For example, if you are using Google ID to log in but you registered your account as Play ID when you refill/Top up to your account, you MUST log in as Play ID. The same process applies to Facebook and Google ID logins.




Step 2. Enter your account details


Step 3. Select MU then click “Top UP”.


Step 4. Select preferred payment channel

              Step 5.1 If you choose PAYPAL, you need to put your                                           PayPal Account details to login.


                 Step 4.1 You may pay using Paypal through your debit or                                      Credit Card.



             Step 4.2 You may use the other payment method                                                “PlayPark“, then enter the Card Serial No. and                                        PIN you have received from buying PlayPark Load.

Step 5. Select a package to purchase.


Step 6. Click “Confirm” to purchase your order


Step 7. Your purchase is complete. Please login to the game to collect your purchase

It’s that simple! For additional information on topping up and using PlayPark Load, click these links

Where to buy

Top up Here!