Season 15.2: Dark Knight’s Awakening


Get ready to meet the big update of MU Online
Season 15.2: Dark Knight’s Awakening
“ Awakening of the Dark Warrior”
with many activities
on September 16.

Season 15.2: Dark Knight’s Awakening Patch Note:

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1. Level Cap expansion increased from 1200 to 1250.

2. Clearly categorize Dark Knight’s line of play and new Dark Knight skills
– Fury line focuses on attack Activate new skills to activate this line of play
– Belief line focuses on support and defense. Hold a shield and activate a new skill to activate this line of play.

3. Slayer’s Silver Heart 

4. Shield’s Mastery gear to support the Dark Knight Belief.

5. New Crimson Flame’s Icarus Map

6. New Guardian Mount, Ice Dragon

7. A new necklace with a maximum of 3 Sockets.

8. Glory Level 3 Earring

9. If the day ‘s game or the kids at pool at the U the I ‘s part of the things used for the The purpose of the function of each of the Group ‘s stats attention to the mystery of this function at the North City at the.    
– Switch UI Style Classic or Modern
– Improve Personal Shop New
– Splitting, splitting items easier than ever
– MU Helper and revamped party search system
– other minor improvements within the game

10. Switch Scroll will become free to all players. You can click to receive a 1-day free every 20 hours at the Goblin Shop.
The Gold Channel Ticket package sold in the Shop will give a free [Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) in place of the Switch Scroll as follows, with the same selling price. The Gold Channel Ticket package has been adjusted as follows:
1-day trial, price of 1,000 Cash – does not include Switch Scroll, but resets the purchase rights. Every account can be purchased again, limited to 1 time per account
, 7 days 25,000 Cash + [Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) 2 pieces, free 1 purchase every 120 hours
, 30 days 65,000 Cash + [Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) Free 10 pcs. Buy 1 time every 120 hours.

11. The following items will be discontinued. And will be removed from all games in version 15.2.
Please use the item before update time, both from Storage and Inventory
– Earring of Wrath Box (Left)
– Earring of Wrath Box (Right)
– Phantasmal Steed Capsule
– Cancel. Sell ​​Guardian Item Dispenser in Item Mall

12. Improved client appearance to match Season 15.2 and discontinued Bahasa language service.

To prepare for the new version update The team would like to close the Castle Siege system during the maintenance on September 2, 2021. The schedule to bring it back will be informed again. In the meantime, all players. Please refrain from sending the Sign of Lord in the Castle Siege round after August 28, 2021 in order not to waste the Sign of Lord in vain.

Many activities and promotions welcome the new version.
Get ready with events and promotions celebrating the version update. can be tracked when the time period is reached

Game Guide Season 15.2 Update,
follow here : (available soon)

*The team reserves the right to change details without prior notice.