Heroes of the throne Season 1 Champions! Meridian and FreeDom


After a series of grueling and decisive castle siege battles, the Heroes of the Throne Season 1 champions claim their dominion over The Continent. Eight weeks of preparation and strategic planning led the victors to claim the fruits of their labor. From the SEA Server, Meridian Guild dominates the battlefield and from the Maya Server the FreeDom guild annihilated obstacles in their path.

Know more about the Champion guilds:

SEA Server


About the Guild Leader: 

Guild Leader:  Paragon

Originally came from Alfheim Server of Global MU Online of Webzen.

Aim when forming the guild: 

Build a strong and solid family where everyone gets to enjoy the company of each other in discovering the world of MU.

Strategy guides for winning: 

Understanding the mechanics of the game but most of the time, “luck”

Advice to fellow competitors/players: 

Continue to strive for what you’re aiming for because eventually you’ll get it.  Most importantly, enjoy the game while it lasts.


Meridian Guild

Want to know more about FREEDOM?

MAYA Server


About the Guild Leader: 

Guild Leader: Rain

Aim when forming the guild: 

Strategy guides for winning: 

Advice to fellow competitors/players: 

Both guilds were crowned as the first Lords of MU. Control over the tax across the Continent and vast rewards await both the top guilds of the event. We would like to give thanks to all the participating guilds in SEA and MAYA server. The war is not over yet, it’s just the beginning of a bigger challenge coming soon.


FreeDom Guild

Will they defend their honor in the next season? Let’s all find out! 

Thank you to all the participating guilds and congratulations to all the winners and see you at the next Heroes of the throne event!