Happy New Year 2022 Event – Jan 6 to 20


Happy New Year 2022 Event Happy New Year with many activities 6 – 20 January 2022

  1. Lucky Rabbit Event – ​​Hunt for lucky rabbits. Win many items

Event period: 6 – 20 January 2022 (before server maintenance is closed)

How to Participate in Lucky Rabbit Event

– Defeat the Gold Rabbit Monster in the following maps

Atlans / Aida / Kantaru Ruin / Swamp of Peace / Nars / Ferea

will have a chance to get a lot of items

– will have to wait. Rest Until Monster

Respawns – Chance to get a Muun Egg containing two unique collectible event Muuns, including an Evolution Stone 

– 1 character can participate in the event unlimited times.

There will be the opportunity to receive the following items, including a new Muun celebrating the New Year 2022.

Muun Egg will be removed at the end of the event.

  • Condor Feather
  • Jewel of Bless x1,x10,x20
  • Jewel of Soul x1, x10,x20
  • Jewel of Life x1,x10,x20
  • Jewel of Creation x10,x20
  • Jewel of Harmony x10,x20
  • Excellent Armor
  • Excellent Weapon
  • Elite Healing Potion
  • Elite Mana Potion
  • [Bound] Bless of Light (Lower)
  • [Bound] Bless of Light (Middle) Grade)
  • 10000 ZEN

Once you get the Muun Egg, you will get the following items:

  • Mutation Lv 1 +30 Days Bonus
  • Fighter Lv 1 +30 Days Bonus

You will get the following items when you buy Premium Muun Eggs or Evolution Stone from the item mall.

  • Splinter Lv 1 +30 Days Bonus (Muun Attack)
  • Mutation Lv 1 +30 Days Bonus
  • Fighter Lv 1 +30 Days Bonus
  • Chiron Lv 3
  • Paul Lv 2

Premium Muun Eggs are not removed at the end of events and sales. But it is recommended to use it during the event period as the item details may change during the event period.

Collecting Muun Energy Converters allows players to obtain upgrade stones for Evo. They can be purchased at Elveland and filled with unused Muuns to complete the gauge. Evo Stone items can be exchanged with NPCs in Elveland once they are full.

  1. Moss Special Offer – Random Moss increased the probability of acquiring a Guardian Upgrade Stone.


  1. New Year Daily Gift

3.1 Every 20 hours, you can acquire free things at random in the Goblin Shop / Item Mall, as seen below.

  • [Daily] Rune. Mage Belle (+7 Days Bonus)
  • [Daily] King Reksmilon (+7 Days Bonus)
  • [Daily] Mysterious Stone x1 
  • [Daily] Jewel of Bless x50
  • [Daily] Jewel of Soul x50
  • [Daily] Jewel of Life x50
  • [Daily] Talisman of Chaos Assembly
  • [Daily] Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly
  • [Daily] Condor Feather
  • [Daily] Master EXP Potion (100m) x1
  • [Daily] Talisman of Ascension 1 (6 Hours)
  • [Daily] Talisman of Ascension 2 (6 Hours)
  • [Daily] ] Talisman of Ascension 3 (6 Hours)
  • [Daily] 300 Goblin Points
  • [Daily] Elite Healing Potion x2
  • [Daily] Elite Mana Potion x2
  • [Daily] [Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) x2
  • [Daily] Gift of High Knight x1 – When thrown to the ground, you will receive a Jewel of Bless, Soul, Life, or equipment set.
  • [Daily] High Devil’s Box x1 – randomly get Jewel of Bless , Soul , Life , or Socket Lv 400 weapon with holes (random from 1-5 holes depending on item type. m)

*Items that have not been received from Storage will be deleted on January 20, 2022, during maintenance.

3.2 New Year Capsule, price 20,000 Cash, can buy 1 time per account,

receive [Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) x10 and 1 of the following items at random

  • Gold Channel Ticket 7 Days
  • Talisman of Ascension 2 7 Days
  • Talisman of Ascension 3 7 Days
  • Wings of Angel and Devil 7 Days
  • Dark Transformation Ring 7 Days
  • Jewel of Bless x50
  • Mysterious Stone
  • (Hero) Bloodangel Soul
  • Condor Feather
  • Garuda’s Feather 
  1. New Year Giveaway – From the 8th to the 9th of January 2022, only online players within the given period may get free stuff.

Activity period : 8 – 9 January 2022 time 21.00 – 23.00 GMT+8

Only online at this time of day prepare to receive items into Storage at random. There is a variety of great stuff on the way. Each period started Ultimate Rare Items have to be included.

21.00 : 600/1200/2000 Goblin Points or Mastery Reward Chest (200,000)

22.00 : [Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) x3/5/10 OR Talisman of Chaos Assembly

23.00 : Talisman of Ascension 3 (6,12,24 Hours) or Random C4 Wings +0

– All IDs that meet the above criteria will receive rewards right away. This is something that can be checked in Character Storage.

*If the character is not online when the system delivers the item, the character will not receive items from the event.

*If there is a problem with disconnecting from the game during this time, the team reserves the right to consider non-compensating items.

*The team reserves the right to change the event’s conditions at any time and without notice.

*Items from this event will not be deleted at the end of the event.