Christmas Celebration Giveaway – Dec 24 to 26


Get FREE Items when you play MU Online from December 24-26

Celebrate Christmas in MU Online! Join the online giveaway and get FREE items from December 24-26, 2021.

Make sure to be online at the specified time to be one of the MU players to receive a RANDOM item in your storage. Ultimate Rare and other items are waiting!

21.00 GMT+8 : 600/1200/2000 Goblin Points or Mastery Reward Chest (200,000)

22.00 GMT+8 : [Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) x3/5/10 OR Talisman of Chaos Assembly

23.00 GMT+8 : Talisman of Ascension 3 (6,12,24 Hours) or Random C4 Wings +0

The rewards will be given to all players that will meet the specified conditions above. Items can be found at the Character Storage.

*If the player is not online at the time of system delivery, the item rewards will be forfeit.

*The team reserves the right to consider non-compensating items if there is a problem of disconnection from the game during this period.

*The team reserves the right to not give the items in case of a player disconnection from the game during the event duration.

*The team reserves the right to change the conditions of the event without prior notice.

*Items from this event will not be deleted at the end of the event.