Black Market Happy New Year Sale – Jan 13 to 26


Happy New Year Sale, great value items to welcome the new year 13 – 26 January 2022

Special product deals at a special price that should not be missed Products are limited.

Promotion period: 13 – 26 January 2022 at 11:59 p.m.
Item Code usage period: until 28 January 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

**The team reserves the right not to compensate the item in case of not using the item code within the specified period**

:Promotion details:
1. The team reserves the right to change, modify, add/reduce items before the end of the sale. Including conditions related to Black Market without notice
2. Login PlayMall first need to select a currency, only Thailand THB Thai Baht To use the payment
3. If you are making. Purchase products from “Black Market”, the resulting amount will not be able to participate in promotion, top-up or other spending on the website.
4. Item Code can be used with MU Online (Thailand) game ID and can be top-up. With the item code system of Server Thailand only.
5. When adding the Item Code, the item will be in the Storage of the ID, the item will remain in the box for 1 year after the filling date.
6. If in doubt To use the Black Market system, please read the instructions below in this news release.
7. There must be a character in the game before you add the item code, or it will not get any item
8. Item Buffett, both in-game Item Mall Black Market, and it has. Calculate the price for the weekly server maintenance is completed Therefore, there is no compensation for additional days in such cases. Except in some cases where there will be exceptions on a case-by-case basis, such as emergency maintenance.
9. The team reserves the right not to compensate the item in case of not using the item code within the specified period.

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Available package details (limited stock)


number Items for sale Price (Baht) limit filling end of sale code expired
1 Master EXP Package (7 Days)
Pink Panda Ring (7 Days)
Panda Ring (7 Days)
Master Seal of Ascension 2 (7 Days)
Master Seal of Wealth (7 Days)
Seal of Healing (7 Days)
399 2 / ID 26/1/2022 28/1/2022
2 Master Scroll Package (7 Days)
Master Scroll of Protection (7 Days)
Master Scroll of Wrath (7 Days)
Master Scroll of Wizardry (7 Days)
Master Scroll of Quickness (7 Days)
Master Scroll of Mana (7 Days)
Master Scroll of Health (7 Days)
Master Scroll of Strengthener (7 Days)
299 2 / ID 26/1/2022 28/1/2022
3 Treasure Hunter Package (7 Days)
Seal of Divinity (7 Days)
Master Seal of Wealth (7 Days)
Worn Horseshoe (7 Days)
299 2 / ID 26/1/2022 28/1/2022
4 Scroll of Gray Oblivion 299 2 / ID 26/1/2022 28/1/2022



*Some items have terms of use, please check for more details before purchasing.
*Some items 1 ID can top up this item code once. But can buy unlimited times to use in other
accounts *Some items will not work with certain items. The team reserves the right to fix problems if caused by the user’s own error.
*Products are limited. It’s all gone

How to buy products from Black Market
1. Log in to Black Market at the image below. or the button on the home page of the Website MU Online

2. Log in with your ID to make payments through Playmall system.

3. Select MU Online game

4. Item Shop (Black Market) system will use money from PlayMall wallet to purchase products only.

5. If there is money in the Playmall system, you can click on the desired product from the picture and press the button. [Add to Cart] to make purchases

6. If there is not enough money in the PlayMall wallet, the system will allow you to top up the system. (only press the orange top-up button)

7. Select the type of card you want to top up.

8. The amount added to the Playmall wallet will be displayed in the system as shown in the picture. After that, go back to the Black Market system again.

9. After checking that all the desired products are correct, press the [Payment] button.

10. The system will display the remaining balance and the amount to be paid. Please press the [Payment] button to confirm the purchase.

11. After that, you check the Item Code that you have received. By selecting the game MU Online and you will see the history of all item purchases along with the item code of the purchased item. To be filled in at the Item Code page

*The team reserves the right to change the conditions without prior notice.