Account Migration Process


Attention, Citizens of MU!

The Continent enters a groundbreaking new stage this March for all the MUtizens in Philippines and Thailand. Forces of the Continent all over the world will finally be united in the quest for domination including our own MUtizens.

This coming 22 March 2022 at 15.00 – GMT+8.00, PlayPark MU Online will open the gates for MUtizens to enter the MU Global server. PlayPark and Webzen hopes this new battlefield opens a fresh crop of friends, foes and treasures for you all. The Southeast Asia servers may be closing, but we are confident the Global server will offer a new challenging frontier for SEA players of MU Online.

Here are the details you need to know:
*22 March 2022 – 21 June 2022 (15.00 – GMT+8.00)
*Use this period to sign up your existing PlayPark MU Online account for the transfer.
*You can only register once and it cannot be changed or returned after confirmation.

*Account must not be banned.
*Account must still have a character on 23 February 2022

Transfer procedure Step by Step:
(The transfer website will open on 22 March 2022 after service end (instead of this term ‘after service end’ can we say the time since we announced the “15.00 – GMT+8” so that it doesn’t make it look negative)
Login into your MU SEA account on the website.
Follow the steps advised by the system to proceed
Read the terms and conditions section, then accept.
* The website will redirect you to the MU Global website where you have to double-check your data before creating a NEW Webzen account to be linked.
* You cannot use an existing Webzen account or any account created before this transfer.

Make sure your internet connection is stable and DO NOT close the webpage while doing the transfer to prevent problems that may happen from a lost connection.
* After you go through all the processes above, you will be able to enter and continue playing MU on the Global server immediately; as transfer processes are automatic.

Transfer FAQS :
1. The transfer will use the latest available data of your account when the PlayPark server closed.
2. All characters from all servers of MU Online SEA will transfer into 2 new servers of MU Global specially made to accommodate users from SEA.
3. Once transferred, the MU Online Global Server will be on Season 16.2 patch which includes many new highlights such as new class, items and more. Simply visit the official website for more detail.
4. The transfer settings:
– Character info such as Level, Stats, Skill, items, Zen and Ruud will be transferred into the MU Online Global
– All character names will be reset and will have to be changed into new names after the transfer.
– All records/ranking such as Event map, Gens and Hunting Record will be reset.
– Friends and Guilds will be reset.
– Warehouse, Muun, and Gremory Case item will be transferred.
– Goblin Point, Cash Point will not be transferred.
– Storage item in X Shop will not be transferred.

5. All rights to your MU SEA data will be transferred to MU Global. For any issues with the service, please reach out to the MU Online Global server support available (WEBSITE HERE).

6. PlayPark, MU Online SEA and Global reserve the right to terminate, to change, to modify, and to reject any harmful or abusive action and behavior from any party to the transfer service and proceedings at any time.

7. If you do not apply for the transfer you cannot continue playing with your MU Online SEA data on MU Online Global(Webzen) after 22 March 2022.
– Webzen Terms of Service :
– Webzen MU Online Homepage :
– Webzen Information :

*All schedule are subject to change and will be informed when it happened.