Voyage into New Continent Event


Mu Online SEA would like to thank all the players for their support of MU Online. In the final phase of the MU Online SEA service, the team will provide the final activities before delivering the service to MU Global Server as a souvenir for the past two years as follows:

1. End with EXP +50% Monster HP -20% on all maps 24 hours a day

2. Kundun’s Last Stand Evasion Let Kundun bosses hunt for the
final fight against the invading Kundun.
Golden Kundun bosses, who will be released by GM, can be hunted for the following periods:
Event Period : Every Weekend in March 5-6, 12-13 , 19-20 March 2022
Location : Server Thailand and TITAN Channel 8 in front of Devias
Gate Time : 18.00 GMT +8 (PH time)

3. Memorial Photo Event: Take a photo of the hearts of the old
MU continent, take a photo as a souvenir of MU Online SEA Server Titan.
Event Period : 20 March 2022
Venue : Server Thailand Channel 8 In front of Devias
Gate Time : After Kundun’s Last Stand Evasion event as of 20 March 2022

4. Continent of MU Vault Sale Releases Item Stock up on precious items before embarking on a new adventure.

Release items Stock up on precious items before launching a new
adventure *Unlimited number of purchases and can be purchased until the end of the service
*Remember to pick them out to the character before the end of the service as the items in Storage will not be transferred.

Lapidary Stone Dispenser, 7,500 Cash
Mysterious Stone, 30,000 Cash
Tradeable Seal, 47,500 Cash
Mastery Reward Chest 50,000 Cash
(Hero) Bloodangel Soul, 100,000 Cash
Talisman of Chaos Assembly, 150,000 Cash
[Bound] Bless of Light (Greater) 500 Cash

*the team reserves the right to change the activity conditions without prior notice.