Moon Rabbit Event, Win a cute rabbit Muun and other items!


Event period: 24 September – 8 October 2020 (before server maintenance).
How to Participate in Moon Rabbit Event
– Defeat the Gold Rabbit monster in the following maps:
Atlans / Aida / Kantaru Ruin / Swamp of Peace / Nars / Ferea
To ensure chances of getting reward items:
– wait until the Monster is reborn again
– Get a chance to get a Muun Egg which contains 2 types of event special Muuns and one Evolution stone
– 1 character. Can join unlimited events.

Item that can be obtained from Gold Rabbit
Muun Egg
Condor Feather
Jewel of Bless x1, x10, x20
Jewel of Soul x1, x10, x20
Jewel of Life x1, x10, x20
Jewel of Creation x10, x20
Jewel of Harmony x10, x20
Excellent Armor (also contains Rune Mage items)
Excellent Weapon (also contains Rune Mage class)
Elite Healing Potion
Elite Mana Potion
[Bound] Bless of Light (Lower)
[Bound] Bless of Light (Middle Grade)
10000 ZEN

Item that can be obtained from Muun Egg
Mooncake Rabbit (+30 Days Bonus)
Mortat Rabbit (+30 Days Bonus)
Evolution Stone (Mooncake Rabbit)
Evolution Stone (Mortat Rabbit)

Example Muun obtained from the
Mooncake Rabbit

(Normal and Evolved). Initial stat: 2% / 4% / 6% and 8% (Evolved) ZEN obtained from monsters.
Abilities will activate when equipped. the skill stat increases (in increments) every 5 hours of constant play time and resets upon log out/disconnection from the game.
Ability increases x5 in the first 30 days upon receiving from the event.
*Abilities do not affect PVP* This Muun is classified as a Normal Muun.
Mortar Rabbit (Common and Evolved)


Default Stat: Help the players attack. When worn as a main Muun,
increase attack assist frequency by 3x for the first 30 days after acquired from this event.
Abilities active only from Monday-Thursday.
* Abilities do not affect PVP.
* This Muun is classified as a Normal Muun.
* At the end of the event, all event related items (Muun Egg) will be removed from the game.
* The team reserves the right to change terms and conditions without prior notice.